Kenny & Amanda Smith

Winners of the International Bluegrass Music Association’s prestigious Emerging Artist of the Year award in 2003, (not to mention Amanda's recent IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year award!) the Kenny and Amanda Smith Band combines gutsy, heartfelt vocals, brilliant instrumental talents and a powerful, contemporary sense of song choice and arrangement into one of the most compelling new sounds in bluegrass today.

A creation of the intensely personal musical and romantic connection between Kenny and Amanda, the band shares an all-too-rare sense of intimacy and cohesion where each musician feels an almost telepathic connection. Musicians call it being in the groove, where the group collectively accents each beat in precisely the same way. With Kenny leading the way on guitar, this band never has trouble finding the groove. To learn more about America's Bluegrass Sweethearts, click here...

Jake Workman

Jake Workman began playing the guitar when he received one for his 13th birthday.Jake’s love for bluegrass grew over the next few years as he attended jams and festivals throughout the Western states and eventually the entire country.  Jake began to enter instrument contests and has won many titles on guitar, banjo and mandolin.

Jake spends his time off stage teaching private lessons in person or online, transcribing music for students and doing studio work.  He has a degree in Jazz Guitar Performance from the University of Utah.  Jake was featured on the cover of the May/June 2015 issue of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine.  Jake is most influenced by traditional bluegrass, but his playing will also showcase extensive knowledge in the rock and jazz genres as well.

In December 2015 Jake was called by Ricky Skaggs to join his band, Kentucky Thunder.  In the Fall of 2016 Jake received the IBMA Instrumentalist Momentum award.

Adam Schlenker

Adam Schlenker is a flat pick guitarist from southern West Virginia who is currently based in Columbus Ohio. In addition to teaching full time he works as a guitar and mandolin player for regional touring acts as well as doing session work.

Desiring to expand on his teaching, Adam founded 5th Fret Productions in 2009. The idea was to combine online, video based lessons with one on one lessons. He has been featured in Flatpicking Guitar Magazine and is working with an ever expanding number of flat pick students around the world. Thanks to the Skype technology, Adam's private student base stretches across the US, Europe and all the way to Australia, allowing him to lend a hand to anyone wishing to work on their flat pick skills.